Design Museum of London

With a few hours this weekend I decided to go back to one of my favourite places, the Design Museum, to put into practice some of the things I had learnt. Weather was beautiful, so planned to get some outside and interior shots using Canon 80d and EFS 17-55 2.8mm lens.

So first to the outside shots.  Having walked all around the building, along High St Kensington and then up to Holland Park, the first thing I noticed was there was no view point where I could get a shot of the arching roof.  Given I have seen shots of the roof, I figure this can only be seen from on the top of of one of the nearby offices or flats. So really left with only some relative boring shots of the exterior, usually obscured by trees.

Going inside was a much better experience.  As the light was low decided to use the mono pod from my tripod with no hassle from from the staff.  On the contrary, a staff member even came up to ask if I had dropped my spare battery ... which I had.

Managed to get some great shots over the next two hours remembering to change the White Balance to Tungsten (which I had forgotten to do last time).  There was one shot that I really wanted that I had seen on the internet, a great perspective from the first floor corner.  It didn't matter where I stood or how far back I stood, I just couldn't get it all in.  Lesson number two ... my 17-55mm just wasn't wide enough, especially as I was shooting on an APS-C sensor giving me and effective 27mm maximum aperture.

After getting home, did some research and decided that I needed the 10-22mm lens giving me an effective maximum aperture of 16mm, which Im sure will be enough to get the whole of the design museum in frame.  Now ordered it on ebay for less than half price.  

Guess another trip to the Design Museum now on the cards to get those two last shots.  Also will shoot at f4 to maximise light and increase shutter speed now I know that DOF increases at short focal length so all should be in focus.