Day 1

From an idea that started back in April 2017 on a Gold Coast beach in Australia, I feel it's time to formally start this project in earnest.  The website is up and running, a huge amount of time spent reading about and learning the art of photography and architecture.

I have replace our starter camera kit with a Canon 80D along with three lenses which include Canon 17-55 mm,  Canon 70-300 mm L IS and finally a general purpose lens for travelling, Canon 18-200 mm.

A lot of the  learning of the theoretical aspects of photography has been done using the web and amazing books by Scott Kelby, thank you Christopher for recommending, as well as the Canon 80D manual !!  I do of course recognise that there is no substitution for actually getting out there and taking photos.  Although a lot of this has been done, with many photos deleted its time to time putting into practice.